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CLS_JMG 수업동영상

CLS_JMG 수업동영상
6463th LS(200928) 3.4 Quadratic Formula(P124) Level 102020-09-280
6362th LS(200925) 직선의 위치관계와 각(동위각, 엇각) 시험대비 Level 102020-09-251
6261th LS(200923) 3.2 Complex Number(P107) Level 102020-09-240
6160th LS(200921) 3.1 Solving Quadratic Eqn(P100) Level 102020-09-241
6059th LS(200918) 2.2 Characteristics Quadratic Function(P62) Level 102020-09-181
5958th LS(200916) 2. Quadratic Function(P48) Level 102020-09-160
5857th LS(200914) 1 Parents Functions and Transformations(P7) Level 102020-09-141
5756th LS(200911) Rotation Symmetry Level 102020-09-110
5655th LS(200909) Transformation Level 102020-09-092
5554th LS(200907) Using Deductive Reasoning Problem solving Level 102020-09-071
5453th LS(200904) Using Deductive Reasoning to Verify Conject.. Level 102020-09-041
5352th LS(200831) Statements, Converse, Inverse, Contrapositio.. Level 102020-08-311
5251th LS(200828) Using Inductive Reasoning to Make Conjecture.. Level 102020-08-281
5150th LS(200826) Line Segment and Circle given length Level 102020-08-261
5049th LS(200824) Ch9.1 Pythagorean Theorem(p466) Level 102020-08-240
4948th LS(200821) Ch8.3 Triangle Similarity by SSS and SAS(p44.. Level 102020-08-212
4847th LS(200819) Ch8.1 Similar Polygons (p423) Level 102020-08-191
4746th LS(200814) Ch7 Review(p410) Level 102020-08-150
4645th LS(200810) Section 7.5 Properties of Trapezoids and Kit.. Level 102020-08-100
4544th LS(200805) Section 7.3 Proving That a Quadrilateral is .. Level 102020-08-052