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CLS_JAEYI 수업 동영상

CLS_JAEYI 수업 동영상
280279th LS(200921) CH9.3 Trigonometry Function(P477) new Level 102020-09-220
279278th LS(200919) CH9 Trigonometry Ratio Level 102020-09-200
278277th LS(200918) CH 8.5 Recursive Rule 연습문제(P450) Level 102020-09-191
277276th LS(200917) CH 8.5 Recursive Rule(P449) Level 102020-09-181
276275th LS(200915) CH 8.5 Recursive Rule(P441) Level 102020-09-151
275274th LS(200912) CH 8.3 Geometry Sequence(P432) Level 102020-09-130
274273th LS(200909) CH 8.2 Arithmetic Sequence Review(P420 Ex5.. Level 102020-09-101
273272th LS(200907) CH 8.2 Arithmetic Sequence(P420 Ex5) Level 102020-09-080
272271th LS(200905) CH 8.1 Defining and Using Sequences and Ser.. Level 102020-09-060
271270th LS(200904) CH 7.5 Solving Rational Functions(P396) Level 102020-09-050
270269th LS(200902) CH 7.5 Solving Rational Functions(P391) Level 102020-09-030
269268th LS(200831) CH 7.4 Adding and Subtracting Rational Func.. Level 102020-09-031
268267th LS(200828) 과제질의+CH 7.2 Graphing Rational Functions(P37.. Level 102020-08-290
267266th LS(200826) 과제질의+CH 7.2 Graphing Rational Functions(P36.. Level 102020-08-270
266265th LS(200824) 과제질의+Exponential Regression(P345) Level 102020-08-250
265264th LS(200822) Section6.7 Modeling Exponential and Log(P3.. Level 102020-08-231
264263th LS(200821) Section6.6 Solving Exponential and Log Ineq.. Level 102020-08-220
263262th LS(200819) Section6.6 Solving Exponential and Log Eqs.. Level 102020-08-200
262261th LS(200817) Section6.5 Properties of Log(P328) Level 102020-08-181
261260th LS(200815) Section6.4 Transformation of Log Function(P.. Level 102020-08-160