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CLS_JAEYI 수업 동영상

CLS_JAEYI 수업 동영상
248247th LS(200722) Section4.6 Fundamental Theorem of Algebra(.. Level 102020-07-230
247246th LS(200720) Section4.5 Solving Polynomial Eqs(P194) Level 102020-07-220
246245th LS(100718) Section4.5 Solving Polynomial Eqs(P190) Level 102020-07-190
245244th LS(200717) 과제질의응답+Section4.4 Factoring Polynomials(P18.. Level 102020-07-181
244243th LS(200715) 과제질의응답+Section4.3 Synthetic Divisions(P178) Level 102020-07-161
243242th LS(200713) 과제질의응답+Section4.3 Dividing Polynomials(P174.. Level 102020-07-141
242241th LS(200711) Section4.2 Polynomial Add, Subtract, Multip.. Level 102020-07-121
241240th LS(200709) Section4.1 Graphing Polynomial Function(P16.. Level 102020-07-090
240239th LS(200706) 과제풀이 Level 102020-07-070
239238th LS(200704) Ch3.6 Quadratic Inequalities(P146) Level 102020-07-050
238237th LS(200703) Ch3.6 Quadratic Inequalities(P140) Level 102020-07-041
237236th LS(200702) Ch3.5 Solving Nonlinear Systems(P135) Level 102020-07-020
236235th LS(200629) Ch3.4 Using Quadratic Formula(P130) Level 102020-06-301
235234th LS(200627) Ch3.3 Completing Square(P114) Level 102020-06-280
234233th LS(200626) Ch3.1 Solving Quadratic Functions(P101) Level 102020-06-270
233232th LS(200624) Ch2.4 Modeling with Quadratic Functions(P82.. Level 102020-06-252
232231th LS(200622) Ch2.3 Focus of Parabola (P69) Level 102020-06-231
231230th LS(200620) Ch2.2 Characteristics of Quad Function (P63.. Level 102020-06-210
230229th LS(200619) Ch2.1 Transformations of Quad Function (P51.. Level 102020-06-200
229228th LS(200617) Ch1 Linear Function 연습문제 (P43) Level 102020-06-180